Driveway Construction Services  

Patio Construction & Design

Patios offer the ideal cost effective way of creating that extra outdoor room for your property. A well designed patio will add character and luxury to any garden and at D Plumridge you can be certain to receive the premier standard of patios Surrey has to offer.

Patios (weather permitting of course) are often thought of as the preferred areas where we entertain guests, enjoy family life, spend time socialising with friends or simply trying to get away from it all. With a little imagination, patios can become sophisticated retreats.

Our extensive experience in Patio design and construction includes the use of a range of natural stone finishes and our expert stonemason will construct raised beds, stone clad retention walls to complement the other features within your garden.

Choosing a material for your patio is often only a small part of the decision making process. Ensuring you use a competent and reliable contractor to help design & then install your carefully chosen materials where D.Plumridge Paving & Brickwork can make a difference.

The quality of our work is assessed and accredited by all the major manufacturers including Marshalls, Bretts and Natural Paving; and also being a long term member of Interlay you can be rest assured that your hard earned money is being spent wisely!

What to expect from D Plumridge

  • High Quality Workmanship
  • 10 Year Guarantees
  • FREE Cad Drawings
  • A full consultation
  • Detailed written quote

D Plumridge Customer Care

All of D Plumridges’ workforce are qualified, courteous and professional, plus all of our estimates are completely free.

We endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum. Our clean, tidy workmanship means your patio will be supplied and fitted with care and expertise.

Driveway Construction

A well-designed, attractive driveway provides easy, convenient and secure parking, as well as adding value to your home. Whether you prefer stylish, low maintenance block paving, or traditional gravel or perhaps, Yorkstone flags or reclaimed granite cobbles our range of driveway services offer quality, durable solutions that will last for years to come plus with the backing of market leaders Marshalls & Bretts can offer you a 10 year insurance backed warranty for that added peace of mind.

Your driveway will not only provide convenient and secure parking, but be a stunning entrance for your home. Whether you prefer stylish, low maintenance block paving, natural stone, traditional gravel or tarmac your driveway will be designed, laid and completed meticulously.

We pride ourselves on listening to you enabling us to understand your vision and recommend products from our wide ranges to make it a reality. We are always willing to help and can advise on the best plans for your project. D Plumridge use an extensive range of high quality products and materials.

Please see our downloads page for a selection of catalogues for inspiration; however, remember you are not limited or restricted to these suppliers. Product samples will be brought to you to aid your final selection.

What to expect from D Plumridge

  • High Quality Workmanship
  • 10 Year Guarantees
  • FREE Cad Drawings
  • A full consultation
  • Detailed written quote

D Plumridge Customer Care

All of D Plumridges’ workforce are qualified, courteous and professional, plus all of our estimates are completely free.

We endeavour to keep disruption to a minimum. Our clean, tidy workmanship means your patio will be supplied and fitted with care and expertise.

The Process

All our driveways and patios are installed to British Standard 7533 part 3 using all the correct materials, not cheap alternatives that are available. All our staff work with all relevant operating licences which are required for us to undertake work at your property.

All our driveways are retained by either kerbs or the block themselves, these are bedded on concrete and haunched as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q:How much does a New Driveway or Patio cost?

A:To answer this would require a site visit or detailed drawing, As all Gardens and Driveways change depending on the area and design we cannot answer this question, however we do offer a free no obligation quotation which includes full pricing.

Q:Do or can you redesign my Garden?

A:Yes we can depending on the size of the project.

Q:Can you repair work that was done by myself or another contractor.

A:Yes we can! We would need to see the extent of the damage first - this may include the removal of the existing work.

Our Work

We are proud of our hard earned reputation, and will not jeopardise our good name by making misleading, or aspirational claims that we cannot meet. For this reason we outline in this section the type of work we are prepared to undertake. If your own project type is not shown, please either give us a call or contact us through the form provided on to the right of this page so that we may discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

The best Gardens and Driveways invariably strike a happy balance between paving, walling and planting. Time spent carefully considering paving will not only provide an attractive area to sit out and enjoy but help to show off the rest of your garden and drive to the best advantage. Gone are the days when you were limited to grey, square concrete flagstones. We are more than happy to offer our 25 years of knowledge and experience when it comes to blending or contrasting paving with house and garden styles, simply ask us at the time of your free quotation.

To create traditional designs, there is a wide range of brick and natural stone paving which can be laid to instantly achieve a look of yesteryear. Alternatively, more modern decorative paving stones in various colours, shapes and textures provide the opportunity to create a more contemporary look.

When you design your patio or driveway, either at home or with our help, there is no need to stick to one product type. You can create truly inspirational and individual designs by mixing different paving products together. You can also enhance your chosen paving with bands of small, vibrantly coloured clay cobbles or natural stone sets. Introducing contrasting yet complementary paving shapes, colour, sizes and textures will add that extra little something special!

For samples of the type of paving available please click the samples image below, or have a look at our gallery of completed work. We are always willing to help advise you on the best practice for your new project.

Marshall's Guarantee

The Marshall`s Register Guarantee

Marshalls policy is to help provide complete peace of mind to our customers. After all, even appointing a skilled and trustworthy contractor to carry out your work may not prevent the odd problem arising in the future.

For this reason, we enable all Marshalls Registered Contractors to provide you with Marshalls own unique, insurance backed, 10 year guarantee. And when we say unique, well, judge for yourself:

The Marshalls Guarantee
  • Is provided by Marshalls, a major PLC, not a local builder 
  • Is fully Insurance backed 
  • Covers the Products for a full 10-Years
  • Is valid if the contractor ceases trading Is valid if the contractor is still in business but "refuses" to honour his obligation Is assignable to the new house purchaser if you sell your home Furthermore, the guarantee insurance premium is usually absorbed by our Registered Contractors, however, 
  • even if your chosen contractor chooses to pass the cost on to you, you will only pay 2.5% of the installation value, that's just £75 on an installation costing as much as £3,000!
Only installations completed by a Marshalls Registered Contractor will qualify for the guarantee and we doubt you`ll be able to find a similar manufacturers guarantee anywhere. But then, we did say we try to provide complete peace of mind! 

Brett's Guarantee

Brett Logo We have all heard the horror stories about the problems caused by rogue paving contractors, paying in advance and then experiencing poor workmanship or work being left unfinished. At Brett we share these concerns and this is why we continue to develop the Brett Approved Installer Scheme, a network of installers whose workmanship is assessed by us to significantly reduce the risk of choosing a poor contractor.

As independent companies, none are actually employed by or are agents for Brett, so your contract is always with the installer, giving you a direct relationship with a local firm backed by the reassurance of approval from a national supplier of quality materials.

When dealing with a Brett Approved Installer you also benefit from guarantees that provide peace of mind in case anything goes wrong. 

These include:
  • 10 year product guarantee from Brett. 
  • 5 year installation guarantee from your Brett Approved Installer. 

All you need to do is ensure that you complete the contract form and guarantee certificates with the installer when you are happy that the work has been completed.

Quality Service
All our members are checked via a thorough vetting procedure that includes contacting historic references and regularly visiting new installations during construction to ensure the agreed standards are maintained

Soakaway Law

New regulations as of 1st October 2008

Every other phone call we take regarding Driveways is "do we need planning permission" or "we must use a permeable surface"..........rubbish! read on

As you may or may not know the government brought in new regulations for the installation of driveways on the 1st of October 2009. In summary the new regulations are designed to reduce the volume of water being sent into the storm water system from residential driveways as the guys from DEFRA seem to think this will reduce flooding and pollution.

Suggested solutions are permeable paving or any other permeable surfaces such as gravel. If a non-porous surface is to be used then soakaways and rain gardens are to be used instead of sending water onto the road.As a last resort where there is no choice but to send water onto the public highway than planning permission may be required.

All employees at D.Plumridge have been trained in these new regulations and can provide you with all the necessary information upon our initial visit to plan your new driveway...

What is a Soakaway

Soakaways are a traditional way of disposing of surface water from buildings remote from a suitable public sewer or watercourse. A soakaway must have capacity to store immediate run-off from roofs and hard surfaces and the water must then be able to disperse into the surrounding soil quickly enough for the soakaway to be able to cope with the next storm.

Soakaways are probably the most common form of surface water disposal and are usually suitable for areas less than 100m2.

Soakaways are generally formed from square or circular pits, filled with rubble or lined with dry jointed masonry or perforated concrete ring units. Soakaways serving larger areas are generally lined pits, trench type soakaways or constructed from specialist proprietary units.

Below is an example of a soakaway