We contacted Darren to create a new drive and stairway for us. We live on a hill and so we have quite a drop from the doorway to the pavement which would mean a pretty difficult job. We spoke to Darren who came up with some great ideas on what we could do and so we decided to go with him.

On the first day, Darren came round and we discussed exactly what we were going to do and what colours we were going to use. The team that he used were two guys called Dan and Jim. Both of these are great guys and worked long hard hours in all weathers.

Each morning, I would speak to them both and get regular updates on how things are going. I must admit I looked forward to getting home each night to see what the guys had done during the day! After a couple of days, Dan had managed to dig out the garden and told me that he had got rid of 40 tonnes of it – I couldn’t believe there was so much there!

The hardest part would be the stairs. From the doorway to the bottom, there is a 6ft+ drop and so a lot of work went into creating the stairs and the brickwork. Dan and Jim did a fantastic job on these. They created the walls with a ‘sweeping’ look rather than a block/step look. This meant that the top layer of the brick on the staircase had to be cut at an angle so although it may have taken longer, the result is unbelievable. The stairs look great and I have had loads of comments from neighbours stating how good the stairs look. Even the pictures don’t really do it justice! I also know that a few of the neighbours have taken Darrens number down and are thinking about getting the exact same as us!

In comparison to the stairs, everything else seemed pretty easy and straightforward! Jim put the driveway blocks down pretty quickly and gave me some good advice on how to look after them. A couple of walls were also created to provide us with some flowerbeds. Again, the brickwork that went into these was superb. As we have a angled drive going up towards the house, the wall parallel to the drive had to be built up to give it some height. Again, instead of just stepping the wall up, the guys came up with something I hadn’t seen before and totally loved. They ‘rolled’ the wall up which gave it a lovely smooth look to it and again, even though it took longer due to cutting the bricks, it looks fantastic.

I can’t say how highly I recommend Darren, Dan and Jim. The work they performed was superb and I have attached some photo’s to show what a transformation it is and how good the brickwork actually looks. Should I or my family/friends ever need anything doing then I would tell them to use Darren without a question.

Thanks guys.